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Don’t Get Hacked Abroad: 6 Horrific Stories of Internet Fraud & Identity Theft

Someone JUST Ripped Off My Credit Card for $490.52 and It's Entirely My Own Fault

Four days ago I received $490.52 in fraudulent charges on my credit card. And it’s entirely my own fault! This is a story of what I SHOULD have done, plus five other terrifying examples of internet fraud and identity theft around the world. Icy fear clutched at my heart. The text message was…a little distressing. The […]

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Stop Overpaying for Flights: A Simple Hack for Getting Money Back

How to Save Money on Flights

Hands up if you actually pay attention when a company offers a price match deal, and says they’ll meet or beat the price offered by their competitors. A second show of hands if you even knew that this was a part of (some of) your purchase agreements. Yeah, that’s kind of what I thought. But […]

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31 Gifts for Women Who Travel (That She’ll Actually Want)

31 Unique Travel Gifts for Her

As a guy, I know that finding travel gifts for her is no easy task. I grew up surrounded by women, and every year found myself with significantly less hair after the holiday season—the months leading up to December were spent pulling my hair out, trying to decide what gifts to get for the women in my life […]

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The 29 Best Gifts for Men Who Travel

Korchmar Twain Weekender Bag

Choosing travel gifts for men can be hard. I know—we’re tough to shop for as it is, and picking the best travel accessories is no easier task. Here’s a gift guide to get you started. I am the ultimate nightmare when it comes to gift-giving—nobody ever knows what to get me for the holidays, or even my birthday which […]

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The 7-Step Blueprint to Starting a Successful Travel Blog (and Making Money From It)

Start a Travel Blog

To start a travel blog is to open up a world of endless possibilities. I made my travel blog after I had already started traveling, and it has since changed the trajectory of my life, far more than the actual travel ever did. Six years ago I never would have guessed that I’d be getting […]

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5 Hiking Trails in Tasmania You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Hiking Trails in Tasmania You Don't Want to Miss

One of the most rugged, least explored and least visited states in Australia, Tasmania is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Located ten hours by ferry from Melbourne, this is Australia’s only island state. As one of the most “natural” states Down Under, it’s home to vast expanses of wilderness and remote nature reserves. No less […]

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11 U.S. National Parks That Are Ripe for Adventure

A surreal sunset at Delicate Arch inside Arches National Park, Utah

Though Americans are notorious for traveling internationally less than any other nationality, it’s kind of understandable why. With incredible National Parks all over the country, the United States is, geographically, one of the most diverse and remarkable places on the planet. This year, the National Park Service is celebrating its centennial. After 100 years of […]

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My 6 Most Inspiring Moments From the Road

My 6 Most Inspiring Moments from the Road

Time passes in such a blur that it’s hard to memorialize every moment that has changed our lives in some way. But there are a few…a select number of special memories that stand out, that we hold onto with endearment, clarity and vividness. Every traveler has these moments. You know that feeling when everything just […]

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Ho Chi Minh City: A Chaotic City of Colors and Contrasts

The chaotic streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is one of the most chaotic and contrasting places in the world. With a difficult past, yet bright hopes for the future, the people of Ho Chi Minh are some of the strongest and most humble I’ve ever encountered. Incense drifts from the temples of Ho Chi Minh City, floating from ancient […]

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6 Classic Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Visit to Bangkok

Birds' eye view of Bangkok

Bangkok is a city like no other. Whether you love it or hate it, you’re bound to make a few mistakes when you first visit—I sure did. If you’re new to Bangkok, these are six mistakes you don’t want to make. Sputtering tuk-tuks, the chaotic bustle of the night markets, finger-licking street food, Buddhist temples of […]

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