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How to Legally Reduce Your Taxes to ZERO as an American Expat

How to Legally Reduce Your Taxes to ZERO as an American Expat

For those Americans who spend a large majority of the time out of the country—traveling, working or both—taxes can become a real issue. If you’re spending a good portion of the year outside of the Continental U.S., there are a few tricks you can use to reduce your tax liability down to NOTHING. Olivier Wagner tells us […]

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Don’t Get Hacked Abroad: 6 Horrific Stories of Internet Fraud & Identity Theft

Someone JUST Ripped Off My Credit Card for $490.52 and It's Entirely My Own Fault

Four days ago I received $490.52 in fraudulent charges on my credit card. And it’s entirely my own fault! This is a story of what I SHOULD have done, plus five other terrifying examples of internet fraud and identity theft around the world. Icy fear clutched at my heart. The text message was…a little distressing. The […]

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6 Classic Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Visit to Bangkok

Birds' eye view of Bangkok

Bangkok is a city like no other. Whether you love it or hate it, you’re bound to make a few mistakes when you first visit—I sure did. If you’re new to Bangkok, these are six mistakes you don’t want to make. Sputtering tuk-tuks, the chaotic bustle of the night markets, finger-licking street food, Buddhist temples of […]

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How to Secure Your Mobile Devices When You Travel

The Essential Guide to Cybersecurity: How to Keep Your Data (and Your Identity) Safe While Traveling

When you travel, there’s no doubt that you’ll end up using random WiFi connections in cafes and hotels around the world. Unfortunately, they’re often not as secure as you think. These tools and tricks will help ensure your sensitive data stays safe. There’s an old, clichéd saying that I’m sure you’ve heard before: “Take nothing but […]

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How to Send Money Internationally and Pay Bills Abroad for Just 1%

How Send Money Internationally and Pay Bills Abroad for Just 1%

International money transfers are impossibly expensive. Last year I discovered TransferWise, and in this review, I’m showing you why it’s the best option for sending and receiving money all over the world (note: it’s better than PayPal and wire transfers)! Sending and receiving foreign currency used to be my biggest headache. When I was living and working in […]

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How to Save Up Money for Travel: You Don’t Need to Stop Drinking $5 Lattes

How to Save Up Money for Travel: You Don't Need to Stop Drinking $5 Lattes

I’m not going to tell you how to save up as much money for travel as you can in the fastest time possible. If you follow this guide, you’ll be able to put away a higher-than-average amount on a long-term, consistent basis, and save up money for travel every month. If you read any blog post out there with money […]

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