5 Tips and Tricks for Displaying Your Holiday Memories

5 Tips and Tricks for Displaying Your Holiday Memories

Holidays are wonderful while they last but heartbreaking when you have to return home to your normal, everyday life away from the white sands and freshly cooked meals (and cocktails) you became accustomed to over that idyllic one-week period. That’s why it’s great if you can display your holiday memories as little reminders when you come home after a long day or in a particularly dull meeting at work, to keep those treasured moments alive.

1. Keep them close by

Choose your favourite holiday photos and have them put onto (or into) items such as key rings and coasters that you can use regularly and be reminded of that fun break. A shot of the beach you spent most of your time on or of all of you as a family work great and as little snapshots of your time spent having fun. If you fancy making photo coasters yourself here’s a great tutorial.

2. Make a memory box

You can pick up memory boxes ready made from stores such as Hobbycraft and Dunelm, which consist of a deep box frame with a glass front that allows you to fill it with memories and photos. Grab one of these and fill it with those shells and rocks you collected on the beach, a souvenir shot glass and the ‘I love Tenerife’ magnet you picked up at the airport along with a couple of photos to create a fun, sentimental decoration you can hang on the wall.

3. Canvas it

Photo printing on canvas is readily available these days from the likes of companies such as Helloprint and allow you to create high quality, canvas prints that can be hung as the centerpiece on the wall – it beats a tired old photo frame any day! Pick up two or three canvases to create a photo series in the room or dot them throughout the house so you’re reminded of the fun times you had on your holiday wherever you go in your home.

4. Create a themed shelf

Choose a special shelf in your home and use it for a certain holiday you want to remember forever. A trip away to New York could feature, for example, snaps of you and your loved ones in front of traditional landmarks (printed and put in frames that are leant against the wall along the shelf) and between these classic mementos from the place itself such as a tiny statue of liberty and an ‘I heart NY’ mug. It’s a more impressive way of sharing your holiday memories than a memory box and creates a striking feature in your home.

5. Put them on the map

If you travel a lot and head to destinations around the globe, then why not compile all your favourite holiday snaps into this idea? Take a large world map and with string, pin where you visited to a photo from the trip, pinned on the outside of the map. The more places you travel to, the more striking the display. Here’s a great tutorial if you were wondering how best to put such an idea together.

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