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Single Guy? 5 Unconventional Cities for Fans of Bear Grylls Style Adventure

Single Guy? 5 Unconventional Cities for Fans of Bear Grylls Style Adventure

Thinking of going on a Bear Grylls style adventure off the beaten path? In this piece we take a look at the top 5 places you should consider. These places feature some of the most challenging terrains you will ever find! It is therefore important for you to know some of the basic things that will make the journey a pleasurable experience.

1. The Pyrenees, Nice France

The Pyrenees is a massive mountain range that runs for hundreds of miles, stretching between France and Spain. A bike tour from the shores of the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea through the passes of the Pyrenees is a great way to explore this amazing region. While on your tour, ride through the Tour de France passes, especially the Col de Portet Aspet, Col du Tourmalet and the Col d’ Aubisque. When you are through with exploring the mountain range, enjoy the countryside and beaches readily accessible from any of the Biarritz or Nice hotels.

2. Ice Mountains, Spitsbergen Norway

Ice covered most of the year, the treacherous mountains and magnificent glaciers in this city make for an amazing adventure. It is located 900km south of the North Pole. While on the adventure, watch out for polar bears as they roam the ice in search of their favourite meal, grey seals. You will also enjoy observing groups of walrus throughout your climb and descent.

3. National Park, Cairngorms Scotland

This is the best place if you would rather stay close to home. The Scottish highlands offer amazing hiking opportunities that feature passages through beautiful lochs and ascending pine-fringed slopes. The park is home to a wide variety of land forms ranging from arctic plateau wilderness to Caledonian pine forest. It is also a paradise for conservation enthusiasts as a quarter of the endangered animal and plant species in the UK can be found here. While on your adventure, be prepared to encounter otters, wildcats, golden eagles, red deer and many other iconic species.

4. Ice climbing and Sailing in Akureyi, Iceland

Iceland is the perfect example when the topic is countries of extremes. It has surrounding glaciers and freezing temperatures but it also features a volcanic centre. For ice climbing, the Hofsjokull, Langjokull and Vatnajokull are the major glaciers but there are also several smaller ones that cover about 11% of the land mass. The glacial rivers running from the highlands to the ocean offer the best wild sailing opportunities in Europe.

5. The Dolomites, Trento Italy

The Dolomites is one of the most popular attractions in the Italian city of Trento. It is arguably the most original ferrate in the world. The demanding trek through the surreal Brenta mountain range is one that any core adventure seeker would love to experience. If this is your first time out in the wild, it is advised that you go with an experienced guide as the extensive ladders and high-level trails are rather treacherous for newbies. The trek through delle Bocchette through the Brenta mountain range to Brenta Alta is a life changing adventure.

These are the top 5 places to go if you are seeking a Bear Grylls Style Adventure as a single guy.

  • Stay safe, healthy and financially sound while overseas: you will need to check local sites for information before planning any hiking or climbing trips – example here for the Dolomites.
  • If you are planning a longer-term trip abroad (perhaps to study or for an extended working holiday) then there are further considerations – take a look through this guide for some vital information.
  • And finally – this one goes without saying, really – if you are taking part in winter sports, climbing activities or any other activity it’s important to check out that you have the right cover – a recent Telegraph piece looks at the subject from an interesting article. Taking risks is one thing – paying out tens of thousands for medical air travel is another!

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