Hi, I’m Jeremy! Five years ago I sold my stuff, quit my desk job, and packed it up for a life of travel! Now, I’m on a mission to inspire you to reach your goals of traveling the world.

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Drinking coffee in the alleyways of Melbourne

The 10 Best Backpacker Cities in Australia

With trendy coffee shops, pristine ocean, outback desert, unique wildlife, delicious beer, and a plethora of adventure activities, there’s almost no place better to go backpacking than Australia. It was the first country I traveled solo, and I spent 15 months […]

13 Traditional Chinese Foods You've Got to Try

12 Traditional Chinese Foods You’ve Got to Try

Curious to know what real, traditional Chinese food looks like? This isn’t that imitation Chinese you get from the 24-hour buffet around the corner from your apartment. I lived and traveled in China for ten months, and got to experience […]

Hiking 15,407ft in a Hailstorm to the Top of the Pichincha Volcano in Quito, Ecuador

Hiking to 15,407ft in a Hailstorm to the Top of the Pichincha Volcano in Ecuador

A powerful stroke of thunder punched the air and I knew it was my cue to leave. Fast. I scaled down the snaggy formation of the Pichincha Volcano summit to the thick, sandy bluff just below and I began to run. […]

“Once in a while it hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.”

Alan Keightley

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